My Name is Mathias

Friends! Do we have an announcement for you! 

Our friend Mathias Kom is a songwriter extraordinaire and founding Headless Owl member. He is also one of the reasons why there even is a Headless Owl Records. It was the Old New Borrowed Blue EP that he had ready to release when the call went out that allowed us to even move forward past the 'we should start a record label' conversation. He's always been one of the most supportive people going, and was such a huge help from the get-go that he almost instantly became a member of HOR.

Now, sadly, Mathias recently came into some rather trying personal times. Our pal, Songwriter and Burning Hell Bass player Nick Ferrio came up with the idea to put together a Mathias Kom tribute album. Within an insanely short amount of time, people were chomping at the bit. We at HOR offered any and all help we could (without letting Mathias know about it). We enlisted the help of our good friend Jud Haynes, one of Canada's greatest graphic designers, and all around fantastic human being. We emailed in secret for months and months, planned, schemed, colluded. Until recently, when The Burning Hell returned home to Canada, to play a show in St.Johns NFLD. That was our time to strike! There was a sneak attack, there were movies played on screen, and Mathias became keenly aware of our secret plan. In fact, go to right now and read/watch his reaction to it. It tells the story better than I can.

So, we are very proud and pleased to finally announce the arrival of: My Name is Mathias: a tribute to the songs of Mathias Kom! It features songs by such folks as Dan Mangan, Dave Bidini, John K. Samson, Great Lake Swimmers, Mike O'Neill, Kim Barlow, Michael Feuerstack, and so, so many more. It's got beautiful artwork by Jud Haynes.  Check out the announcement video below:

Now, what about buying it you ask? Check below my friend!

Want the digital version? Find it HERE

Want to pre-order the CD? Go HERE

We were beyond excited to be part of this project. So many amazing singers and songers all coming together and singing the songs by one of the all time best. There's nothing else to say, just enjoy the songs! Hug the man the next time you see him!

Alright, talk to you soon!

By Divine Right - New Life


Well, we've talked about it a bit in the past, but we have this record coming out soon, and it's a real doozy. What it is is this: By Divine Right took it upon themselves to cover the first album by Depeche Mode, which is called Speak and Spell, in it's entirety. And we're putting truth to power, and music to vinyl, this winter. Now, we've shared one song already with all of you, called 'Just Can't Get Enough', but we figured hey, you've earned it, so here's a new track for you to listen to, it's the lead track from the record, it's called New Life, and it's amazing. Take a listen: