Community Theatre - Northern Register

G'day friends!

Today is Community Theatre day! More specifically, today is the official release day! You can find it in numerous places, for starters, either our store here: or through our pals at You've Changed Records

You can also check your local record shop, track one of us down on the street, or put in on your vision wall! If you will it, the universe will make it so! #thesecret

Just who and what is Community Theatre? Well, a year ago, in The Yukon, we invited some of our musical pals up to the great white north to do some recording and play some shows. Those people were (in no particular order):

Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell)

Kyle Cashen (Old Time Machine)

Chris Adeney (Wax Mannequin)

Michael Feuerstack (Formerly Snailhouse)

Collen Collins & David Trenaman (Construction & Destruction)

Steve Lambke (Baby Eagle, The Constantines)

Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams, Attack in Black)

Jim Kilpatrick (Shotgun Jimmie)

Richard Laviolette

That's a helluva lineup right there! They came, they saw, they formed a super group that was to be later dubbed Community Theatre! We also happened to have the incredible Shary Boyle on hand doing live art projections during the show, so we were lucky enough to have her do the album artwork, and what a beauty piece of artwork it is! Gatefold jacket, original Shary Boyle art! 180 grams on incredible music! What more could you ask for??

Want to try before you buy? Stream it here!




Community Theatre - Snailhouse

Morning everyone. Afternoon for some of you, I suppose. So either good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Happy holidays and/or birthday.

Okay, we got all the heavy lifting out of the way, let's get into it. We've got a track for you! The lead single from the upcoming Community Theatre album. It's called Snailhouse (no relation to the former nom de plume of Community Theatre member Michael Feuerstack), it's written by Richard Laviolette, and we really, really love it. It's the song you heard behind that teaser video we released a while back, and little known fact, this was the very first song we recorded for the album. My first listen to of the recorded version was when I walked into the studio mid-recording session, heard the guitar being laid down, and thought 'holy shit, this is amazing!'

Hopefully you'll share that feeling with me. Let's listen: