Nick Ferrio

Oof. December was the last time we spoke. Why has it been so long? We've been building to some news for all y'all. And here we have it. We've got some new projects in the works with our pal Nick Ferrio (The Burning Hell bass player, singer and songwriter. Teller of tales. Skipper of stones). We've got not one, but TWO albums in the works. the first is a 7", the lead single. It features two version of the same track, recorded very differently. Side the first is with Evening Hymns (which you can hear below), whilst the B side features a sweet little duet with none other than Canadian musical icon Julie Doiron! The song is called Come Hell of High Water, and will also be available on Nick's upcoming full length long-player, called Amongst The Coyotes and Birdsongs. But let's not get bogged down in too many details just yet, let's just enjoy what we have, and then agree to meet back here and talk the full length, which was recorded by The Wooden Sky's Gavin Gardiner and features so many talented folks. People like Steve Lambke (The Constantines, Baby Eagle) Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) and more! 

For now, just know that the 7" is prepped to be released come April 16 through us and our pals over at Shuffling Feet Records!

Want to pre-order you say? Well perfect, click here to do just that! Listen below! Look above!

The Year That Was

Hello to you, our friends and neighbours. 

2014 draws slowly to a close, so we thought we'd take a look back at the year that was for Headless Owl. Join us for a jaunty trip down memory lane, won't you?

For those that live on memory lane, we apologize for all the noise. And that weird smell. We don't know where it's coming from either.

Now, we started out the years releases with a big one (for us), which was a Record Store Day release with Michael Feuerstack, titled 'Singer Songer', released in partnership with our pals over at Forward Music Group. We were pretty pumped for this one, Mike is one of those guys we all wanted to work with from the very beginning days of Headless Owl. From his work in the Wooden Stars to his Snailhouse days, to todays golden era of simply performing as himself, we've all fallen in love with his music time and time again. So it was a no-brainer when the concept of this record was brought to us. Not only that, but it includes so, so many other favourites from the Canadian music scene, Bry Webb, John K. Samson, Devon Sproule, our very own Mathias Kom, the list goes on and on. It's an amazing record, one we play on a weekly basis in our office/home, and we hope you've gotten the chance to do the same. Here's a sample in case you haven't heard yet, my (Andrew) personal favourite track from the record, sung by Angela Desveaux:

Where do we go from here? Well out of the blue one day we received an email, it was from someone whom we all admired, and it's request was simple: our pal Jon Mckiel has this EP he wants to put out, are you interested? We were all huge fans of his previous full length Tonka War Cloud, we immediately said 'hells yes', and we never looked back. How could we? It's such an amazing EP, and it makes us anxiously await a new long player from him. This is the first track we heard, you say no to this sound:

This was shaping up to be a year of unexpected surprises, none more than the next project we announced. It was deep in the summer of 2014, Andrew was hobnobbing (re: drinking and sleeping late) around the Dawson City Music Festival, which was host to so many amazing acts this year, folks like Evening Hymns, Andy Shauf, Nick Ferrio, and of course, By Divine Right. It wasn't a week after the festival was finished that we received an email about an upcoming project with By Divine Right that we might be interested in. A cover, start to finish, of the US version of Speak & Spell, the first album by Depeche Mode. You're damn right we were interested! We teased two songs this year, and are ready to blow your minds with the final product in the coming year! We're looking at late winter for a release right now, so stay tuned!

Almost lastly, we were finally ready to release a long in the works project. You remember last year when we wrote all about The Cost of Doing Business, the multi-concert + recording project we put together in the Yukon? Well, this year we finally got to release it! Community Theatre - Northern Register is the culmination this epic summit, featuring The Burning Hell (Mathias Kom), Kyle Cashen, Shotgun Jimmie, Wax Mannequin, Baby Eagle (Steve Lambke), Marine Dreams (Ian Kehoe), Michael Feuerstack, Richard Laviolette and Construction & Destruction (Colleen Collins & David Trenaman), released in partnership with our pals over at the great Canadian institution of You've Changed Records. It was fitting that the first song we recorded was the first song we released, take a listen to Richard Laviolette rock various socks off here:

You may think that's where the story ends. NOT yet, my best beloved. All the while, whilst we were releasing albums and putting up cat photos (standard record label fare) we were also plotting in secret. Our pal, fellow Headless Owl guy and The Burning Hell head honcho Mathias Kom had a bit of a rough go of things this year, so Nick Ferrio, Burning Hell Bass-man, songwriter, gentleman, started putting together the pieces of a tribute album puzzle. Folks like Mike O'Neill, The Great Lake Swimmers, Dave Bidini, John K. Samson, Dan Mangan, they all came out of the woodwork to show their support and love for Mathias. We got to surprise him on-stage in St.Johns, Newfoundland with the fruits of our labour. My Name is Mathias: a tribute to the songs of Mathias Kom, the only Headless Owl record to ONLY be available on CD and digital. Forged in secret, released for your enjoyment. With 100% of the proceeds going to the Kingston Humane Society! 

Still here? Really? There's nothing left to say, that's all the stuff we put out in the world this year. We'd likely to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of our various hearts, for being part of it all. To those that bought albums, shirts, sent the nicest emails, went to see these folks out on the road, we love all of you in equal amounts, and we hope to see/hear/love more of you in the future!

Happy New Year everyone, we've got lots of good things ahead!

A little word from us:

Our dearest friends,

We'd like to apologize. There's been many a roadblock on the way to releasing the My Name is Mathias tribute album. The first run of CDs were produced and received with plenty of time to show and to sell, unfortunately we realized there was an error on two songs on the album, and we had to go back to the plant and re-press the entire run, as well as the jackets. Now, we had them pressed again in as speedy a fashion as we could, but sadly, when they were remade, the pressing plant decided to ship them without warning to the other side of the country, instead of to us. Once we climbed that mountain and found where they were, it was very, very close to the holiday season, so we enlisted the aid of an independent third party to ship orders out for us, in hopes of getting them to folks for/around Christmas. So they're all in the air/ground as it stands right now, we just don't know where yet. Heck, we haven't even seen the final product yet in our own office! It's a bit of a kerfuffle, and we're working our hearts out trying to right all the wrongs and mishaps. We hope that you bear with us as we do.

Sadly, at this point, we cannot confirm where your orders are, but please be advised we are working very diligently to track everything and make sure that every order makes it to it's destination. Again, we'd like to very sincerely apologize, we know what it's like to wait for these things. 

Please, by all means, email us at with any questions you may have. We can also offer a free of charge digital copy of the album if you've already ordered, just ask and we'll send it right away (or as reasonably right away as we can, sometimes we're out visiting family and don't have access to our computers, and everyone is all 'stop looking at your phone', amiright?)

We'd also like to take this opportunity to make mention of the fact that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album, both physical and digital are going towards the Kingston Humane Society, so while we ran into a lot of problems with this release, we did get to help some animals! Over $1000 donated already! So we'd like to thank you all very much for that, as animal lovers ourselves, it warms our hearts to be able to help out, especially at this time of year.

Okay, that's it for now! Hopefully your mailboxes will all be filled with CDs before too long, but again, please feel free to get ahold of us if you have any questions at all


Team Headless Owl

My Name is Mathias

Friends! Do we have an announcement for you! 

Our friend Mathias Kom is a songwriter extraordinaire and founding Headless Owl member. He is also one of the reasons why there even is a Headless Owl Records. It was the Old New Borrowed Blue EP that he had ready to release when the call went out that allowed us to even move forward past the 'we should start a record label' conversation. He's always been one of the most supportive people going, and was such a huge help from the get-go that he almost instantly became a member of HOR.

Now, sadly, Mathias recently came into some rather trying personal times. Our pal, Songwriter and Burning Hell Bass player Nick Ferrio came up with the idea to put together a Mathias Kom tribute album. Within an insanely short amount of time, people were chomping at the bit. We at HOR offered any and all help we could (without letting Mathias know about it). We enlisted the help of our good friend Jud Haynes, one of Canada's greatest graphic designers, and all around fantastic human being. We emailed in secret for months and months, planned, schemed, colluded. Until recently, when The Burning Hell returned home to Canada, to play a show in St.Johns NFLD. That was our time to strike! There was a sneak attack, there were movies played on screen, and Mathias became keenly aware of our secret plan. In fact, go to right now and read/watch his reaction to it. It tells the story better than I can.

So, we are very proud and pleased to finally announce the arrival of: My Name is Mathias: a tribute to the songs of Mathias Kom! It features songs by such folks as Dan Mangan, Dave Bidini, John K. Samson, Great Lake Swimmers, Mike O'Neill, Kim Barlow, Michael Feuerstack, and so, so many more. It's got beautiful artwork by Jud Haynes.  Check out the announcement video below:

Now, what about buying it you ask? Check below my friend!

Want the digital version? Find it HERE

Want to pre-order the CD? Go HERE

We were beyond excited to be part of this project. So many amazing singers and songers all coming together and singing the songs by one of the all time best. There's nothing else to say, just enjoy the songs! Hug the man the next time you see him!

Alright, talk to you soon!

By Divine Right - New Life


Well, we've talked about it a bit in the past, but we have this record coming out soon, and it's a real doozy. What it is is this: By Divine Right took it upon themselves to cover the first album by Depeche Mode, which is called Speak and Spell, in it's entirety. And we're putting truth to power, and music to vinyl, this winter. Now, we've shared one song already with all of you, called 'Just Can't Get Enough', but we figured hey, you've earned it, so here's a new track for you to listen to, it's the lead track from the record, it's called New Life, and it's amazing. Take a listen: