Salutations and Explanations

Hi friends.

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. When last we spoke, we were putting a project into the world with Leah Abramson (Songs For a Lost Pod; you should check it out if you haven’t already, it’s a stellar piece of work). And then, just like that, we disappeared. No messages out, barely keeping on top of the ones coming in. We feel like we owe you a bit of explanation. So, here we go:

We type in the collective “we” a lot, so permit me to move to first person mode here and broadcast as “I”. My name is Andrea Stratis. I run Headless Owl Records, along with help from Mathias Kom and Kyle Cashen. I’m the person that boxes up your orders, emails with customers and clients, talks to our PR people, etc. I’m also someone that, if you have emailed us in the past, used to go by a different name. There is a reason for this.

I am a Transgender person.

I started coming out, to close friends and family, in November of 2017. It had been the end of a long road, and of a very difficult time in my life. With much encouragement and love, I kept moving forward. I started using my preferred name, I have bounced around, vis-à-vis pronouns (they/them, for those interested parties), and taken a laser to my beard no less than 4 times. I am living my life in a more open and honest fashion, and it’s healthier. But not without its problems. If you know anyone in your life who has been through this journey, or are doing/have done this yourself, you’ll know the intense mental and emotional toll this can take on a life. I tried my best to keep on top of things with the label, and I didn’t always succeed. So while I am coming through a better, healthier, happier and more complete person, I also feel guilty for letting things fall apart a little bit without my hand on the wheel.

So, I wanted to put this out into the world, that Headless Owl has not gone away. We, I, just needed to take some time away, and focus on myself, and my health, and my life. And we’re going to continue to not go away. We, the collective we, have every intention of not letting Headless Owl Records simply die. But in the future it will be a different version of itself. We started this label with the intention of working on special releases, things that meant a lot to us and to our communities. Things that we couldn’t live without existing in the world. And we intend to keep that goal, and simplify ourselves, releasing projects that we love and believe in with all our hearts. We hope you’ll join us.

Side note: if you have ordered something through our online store and not received it, please let us know, email us at I will personally see to it that you receive everything in fine order. Things got lost in the madness, and there’s nothing we can do but apologize and try to make it right.

That is us right now. We’re going to work on being active again, however that looks, and we have some things planned for the future. So don’t count us out—we might be just getting started.

With all my love,


Andrea Stratis