Leah Abramson - Songs For A Lost Pod


 Vancouver singer-songwriter Leah Abramson (The Abramson Singers) releases her fourth album, Songs For a Lost Pod on November 3, 2017 on Headless Owl Records. The first single Pilot Protest is a collaboration with J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, Jim Guthrie) and is about Pilot whales beaching themselves on purpose to protest humanity. 

Originally written and composed for her Masters of Fine Arts thesis at UBC, Songs For a Lost Pod is a concept album combining scientific research, whale sounds processed into beats, and marine mammal history.

Told from the perspective of various whale species, the songs explore themes of inter-species communication, intergenerational trauma, and grief for a polluted planet. Songs For a Lost Pod highlights separation—both animal and human—to one another and to the natural world, with the goal of reconnection through musical communication.

In collaboration with musician-producers, field recordings and orca whale vocalizations were processed into beats and tracks, barely recognizable as original sounds, but providing an intangible continuity to the album. Musician-producer collaborators include Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo, Devon Sproule, Tasseomancy), Aidan O’Rourke (Lau), J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, Jim Guthrie), Andrew Lee (Holy Hum, In Medias Res), Antoine Bédard (Montag), and more.

Also, this is the first ever Headless Owl release to not be released as a record! Available as a graphic novel!!

Want a copy for your very own? Find it here!