Jon Mckiel - Conduit


Did you miss us? We certainly missed all of you. It's been awhile. Too long, one might say. And for that, we apologize. It's been a busy year. We moved out office to Toronto. Some personal reasons brought us back across the country to the Yukon. We watched two different new Star Wars movies. It's been a busy time for all of us.

But now we're back, and now we have news for you. And here it is. Way back when, in 2014, we were lucky enough to work with one Jon Mckiel. We put out a record, it was a self titled EP, and it was one of those record that left all of us wanting more. MORE! The people demanded. 

Let it be known we'd like to think of ourselves as the type of label that listens to the people. Today, we announce the new single from Jon Mckiel. It's called Conduit and you can listen to it here:

Holy smokes. Right?! Now, here's the second bit of good news. Conduit is the first single from the new Jon Mckiel record. It's called Memorial Ten Count, and it's going to be available on March 10, 2017. Crazy soon! We're lucky enough to be working with our pals at You've Changed Records on this release, and naturally we've printed a small run of these beauties to a nice, 180 gram, heavyweight, black vinyl. Want to nab one of your very own? You can pre-order by clicking right here

So yeah, isn't that a bit of news to start the year out right? A new Jon Mckiel for a new year. A new you, a new us.

Peace sign to America, a system of love.