By Divine Right - Speak & Spell


Well, there was times when we thought 'maybe we dreamed this was hapenning'. There were days when we worried we would never get to write this post. And yet, all those sleepless nights, all those worries, well they were for naught. Today, our best beloveds, is release day for Speak & Spell U.S, from By Divine Right.

The might BDR

The might BDR


What is Speak & Spell U.S? It's a song for song cover of the album by Depeché Mode, replacing all the glorious 80s synth you know and love with the monster riffs of BDR. It's the only Depeché Mode record to feature founding member Vince Clarke. It's the only BDR record to feature a taxidermy beaver holding a donut on the cover. 

Want a copy for your very own? Of course you do. Look no further than right HERE . Looks great on a turntable, sounds great at parties, feels good at home. Don't delay, act today! 

Alright, play safe out there dudes and dudettes. You're the best.