A veritable Burning Hell Bonanza!

Those stalwart sons and daughter of Canadian music The Burning Hell have graced us once again with some new tunes. In the form of not one, nay two but THREE new pieces of waxy musical goodness! Tell me more you say? You got it!

First and firstmost, we have an album called "Don't Believe The Hyperreal". It's a collection of duets between Mathias Kom & Ariel Sharratt (they of The Burning Hell). It's a collection of lovely songs about togetherness, connections, and avoiding amateur poets at New Years Eve parties. A particular favourite is a beautiful little number about Maurice Sendak and his partner Eugene. Give it a spin:

Moving on from there, a stopgap, if you will, between this and the upcoming new Full Length long player, is a fun little 7" single, containing the song "Men Without Hats", off the forthcoming Public Library. It's a song about, and you'll never believe this, Men Without Hats. It's pretty great. On the B side? Pop Goes The World. By Men Without Hats. It all comes full circle.

Artwork by Jud Haynes (www.judhaynes.com

Which brings us to the final piece of resistance, Public Library! The new album from The Burning Hell! A hodgepodge of the best lyrics, musicianship and all around good vibes you'll ever come across! Coming very soon to a turntable near you! 

Speaking of, if you've made it this far, you may be asking yourself where you can grab copies of thee beauties? Look no further than HERE! You can grab them one by one OR for the thrifty true believer, we also have a mega pack with all 3 albums for one low price and FREE shipping. Crazy, right? So crazy it just might work! 

Thanks guys, let's do this again real soon! Listen safe everyone