Nick Ferrio

Oof. December was the last time we spoke. Why has it been so long? We've been building to some news for all y'all. And here we have it. We've got some new projects in the works with our pal Nick Ferrio (The Burning Hell bass player, singer and songwriter. Teller of tales. Skipper of stones). We've got not one, but TWO albums in the works. the first is a 7", the lead single. It features two version of the same track, recorded very differently. Side the first is with Evening Hymns (which you can hear below), whilst the B side features a sweet little duet with none other than Canadian musical icon Julie Doiron! The song is called Come Hell of High Water, and will also be available on Nick's upcoming full length long-player, called Amongst The Coyotes and Birdsongs. But let's not get bogged down in too many details just yet, let's just enjoy what we have, and then agree to meet back here and talk the full length, which was recorded by The Wooden Sky's Gavin Gardiner and features so many talented folks. People like Steve Lambke (The Constantines, Baby Eagle) Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) and more! 

For now, just know that the 7" is prepped to be released come April 16 through us and our pals over at Shuffling Feet Records!

Want to pre-order you say? Well perfect, click here to do just that! Listen below! Look above!