2015, a year in review

Hey friends,

We had one heckuva 2015 didn't we? Records! Festivals! We saw Pamela Anderson at the airport that one time! A banner year, all told.

Let's start at the start. Ferrio. Nick Ferrio. Burning Hell Bass-man and singer/songwriter. We had the distinct pleasure of working with Ferrio on not one, but TWO releases. A full length LP called Amongst The Coyotes and Birdsongs. Produced and recorded by Gavin Gardiner (of The Wooden Sky), and featuring such pals as Steve Lambke, Ian Kehoe, Tamara Lindeman and more! Alongside that beauty, we also made a beauty little 7" record, featuring the song Come Hell or High Water, in two different variations. Variation the first is the album cut, featuring Jonas Bonetta and Sylvie Smith (of Evening Hymns), and the B side is a beautiful duet with the one and only Julie Doiron. Take a listen below:

After that, we took a bit of a break. A release siesta, so to speak. We went to a few festivals in the summertime. We had Michael Feuerstack at the Atlin Arts & Music Festival. Jon Mckiel, Construction & Destruction and Michael Feuerstack at Sappyfest, more or less our entire roster at the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival. Somewhere in all there we took a nap for like, 17 minutes, and it was, well it was alright, as far as naps go.

And then! Oh my dear friends, after that, we were invited to two very special festivals. They were Pop Montreal, and Halifax Pop Explosion (with our friends at You've Changed Records and Pigeon Row). Peep the posters (poster designs by Corey Isenor): 

Also at the Halifax Pop Explosion, we released a special edition, super limited tape with Jon Mckiel. Well, it's a cassingle, a split between Jon and Klarka Weinwurm. 2 brand new, unreleased songs. Never heard before. Not heard anywhere else.

But that's not all we put out into the world this year. No sir. We had the distinct pleasure of releasing an album by our pal Pat LePoidevin, or rather re-releasing, his most excellent album Moonwolves, on vinyl for the very first time in it's life. Remastered, pressed on beautiful 180 gram marbled blue vinyl. It's truly something to behold (and belisten)

That's it for this year! We had some laughs, killed some time. Next year we've got some real doozies for you. New full length by The Burning Hell, featuring the bonafide hit Fuck The Government, I Love You? Check. The vinyl release of the now available EP from Mathias Kom & Ariel Sharratt (2/5s of The Burning Hell), that's coming sooner than you think! The final release of Speak & Spell by By Divine Right? At long last, yup. Perhaps a new full length record from Jon Mckiel? Perhaps! All things are possible! That's just a taste, just a smidge of what we've got in store for you, so stay tuned! Or viewed. Or whatever. Just stay, that's all we ask. We'll see you soon everyone, happy holidays, Bonne Fette. Don't spoil Star Wars for anyone.