By Divine Right

Morning friends.

Yesterday we had some big news, you would figure 'surely there can't be MORE exciting news'. You would figure wrong, my best beloved. 

We have another new project in the works, and we are very, very excited to announce it. It's with venerable Canadian rock & roll mainstays By Divine Right , and naturally the album is a complete cover, from start to finish, of the US version of the first Depeche Mode album 'Speak and Spell'. 

Speak and Spell was one of the few records from the early '80s that I still listen to," says By Divine Right's José Contreras. "Its way more primitive and fun than the rest of Depeche Mode catalogue. Whenever I heard it, I always knew it would make a killer By Divine Right record. When Lysh and Geordie got into the record, without any prompting by me, it just seemed too good to be true. When the idea of actually recording it came up, we just all jumped at the chance to jam and track these songs. It was a blast. It was a blur."

We don't have a release date set in stone yet, other than it will be available this fall, BUT that doesn't mean we don't have something for your ears to enjoy, take a listen to the first little tease, Just Can't Get Enough