Bundles upon bundles

Hey friends.

Twice in one week! This is truly a feat of writing strength! We're here today to talk about something new we just put into the store. Well really, a combination of two existing things. It's like we just took Peanut Butter and Chocolate and decided to put them in the same jar. It's synergy. Or jazzercise. 

It's a combination of two of our favourite things. Our very first release, which is Old New Borrowed Blue by The Burning Hell and the classic Racoon Face T shirt, lovingly rescued from the depths of Nick Ferrio's gmail inbox and re-printed after a few requests were made for it's revival. Well We're almost out of the EP altogether, and since it's a collection of sorts of classic Burning Hell hits, and the Racoon face is itself a classic piece of Burning Hell memorabilia, we figured, heck, let's bundle these two together, and see what happens! It's basically how they discovered Nutella. And we all love Nutella.

These bundles are in limited supply, and only available through our store, so act swiftly before they disappear forever!

Alright, good talk friends, let's do this again soon.