Build it and they will come

Hi! We built ourselves a fancy new store, and wanted to tell you all about it. If you click on 'Record Store' on the home page, or off to the side over there, you will be transported to a magical land of records and T shirts. Basically the best place ever. We're pretty happy with the new look, but as always, these things are works in progress, so if you come across anything wonky, or whatever, fire us off an email: is your direct line. 

And hey, pick yourself up a copy of the new Jon Mckiel bundle while you're there, it's exclusive to Headless Owl online, meaning NOWHERE else can you buy the record/shirt combination we're offering. Unless you buy it second hand off some fella or lady, but that's out of our jurisdiction.

Also, if you ever wondered if some Headless Owl folks were out there on the road, click the 'on tour' link over there to see. Jon's out on the road right now! Unless you're reading this late, in which case, he's at home, or making tacos.

Alright, good talk everyone, more fun stuff soon.