It's been so long, do you still love us?

Hello again. 

It's been some time since the last time we wrote anything here! Rest assured, this does not mean we've been resting on our laurels, counting our millions upon millions of dollars. Nay! We've been hard at work at so, so many amazing projects. So much so, that we've been neglecting our poor blog. Well, neglect no more. We're here to write!

It's 2014 everyone, the future. 2013 saw a lot of action from the ole Headless Owl. Two Burning Hell records, Tariq, Construction & Destruction, EONS records. The Cost of Doing Business. All of that in ONE year. 5 albums in total in the can last year (plus one crazy recording project followed by two sold out concerts). Well, this year we decided that was fairly ambitious of us. 5 is a lot for a self financed record label. So, this year, we've planned for 7. And let me tell you, brothers and sisters of the internet, when we tell you about these 7, your collective minds will be blown.  And that's just the proper releases we have slated. We've also got designs on a crazy amount of other things to birth into the world. We've been asked a lot about coffee mugs, for instance, since we always taunt people with pictures of us drinking out of glorious mugs we made just for us, because we like us so much. SO, we decided to make coffee mugs for all of you, and those are going to be ready real soon. Consider that the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more coming this year that I can't spoil all of the surprises just yet.

For instance, I cannot tell you that the next album coming out from us is with Michael Feuerstack, and is a split release between us and the incredible Forward Music Group. We cannot, in good conscience, tell you that the album is called 'Singer Songer' and features songs written by Feuerstack and sung by such Canadian wordsmiths as John K. Samson, Bry Webb, Devon Sproule, and even our very own Mathias Kom. It would be in poor taste to let that information out at this juncture, while we wait to make our official announcements. So we'll leave that one alone for the time being. 

The Cost of Doing Business, the record will also be released this year! For those not in the know, read allll about it on this very page! Seriously, there's so many names to write, and it's literally on this page. Fine, I'll tell you here too. TCoDB was a project we did with our pals over at You've Changed Records. It was a recording project involving the likes of Mathias Kom, Kyle Cashen, Construction & Destruction, Wax Mannequin, Michael Feuerstack, Baby Eagle, Marine Dreams, Shotgun Jimmie and Richard Laviolette. We recorded an album featuring ALL of these people, and then played two concerts in the Yukon. So the fruits of those labours will be spilling into your laps this summer!

We're also planning to write in this space a lot more. We'll tell you what's going on, and we'll also write in our respective voices! All three of us (Andrew, Mathias and Kyle) are going to make an effort make more posts here, talking about our releases, music in general, the state of the union, and how much Kyle loves pizza. So peepers peeled for that.

You might also notice the revamp that the site has gone through. Well, it's a work in progress, but we like where we live so far. Be sure to drop us a line,, and let us know what you think of the new digs. 

We want to thank all of you for being the amazing fans that you are. We promise this year is not the year where we disappoint. 

Let's do this again soon, we don't talk like this nearly enough these days.