Record Store Day 2014

Hello again.

We have all the news that's fit to print! It's time we started talking 2014 album releases. It's time to light the lights. 

Our first release of 2014, is by none other than Michael Feuerstack! The album is called 'Singer Songer', and is a collection of songs written by Michael, and sung by some of Canada's most amazing singers and songers. How amazing you ask? Well, let's take a gander at the track list:

Singer Songer 

1. Along the way (ft. Mathias Kom)
2. Out of Season (ft. Devon Sproule)
3. Did I? (ft. Bry Webb)
4. When I Pay You Back Someday (ft. Leif Vollebekk)
5. Friday Night Guard (ft. John K. Samson)
6. Stories (ft. Jessie Stein)
7. Lost and Found (ft. Jim Bryson)
8. Sure Enough II (ft. Angela Desveaux)
9. Don't Wait Up (ft. Little Scream)

Yeah, like we said, amazing. Some of our absolute favourite artists, singing songs written by one of the best! When we started out the old Headless Owl, we talked about 5 artists we wanted to try and work with. Long shots, big names, we put them all on our lists. with Mike on board we're about 3 for 5 on everyones list (hell, by years end we might be covered for all 5!). 

Also, it should be noted, this album is released in partnership with our friends over at Forward Music Group. They've worked long and hard on putting this whole project together with us, and we couldn't be more honoured to work with them on this project! 

We've got a while yet before the official release on Record Store Day, and we'll come together, as friends and family do, and talk more about it in the coming weeks and month(s). But for now, let's sit back, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy the first sample from Singer Songer, a lovely track called 'Friday Night Guard', sung by none other than John K. Samson. Enjoy!