The Cost of Doing Business

Hi guys. Gals, hello to you as well.  

There's been some talk lately of a certain show we're doing in Whitehorse, Yukon. People are saying it's called 'The Cost of Doing Business'. Sometimes people are very right. We are indeed putting a show on in Whitehorse, it is called The Cost of Doing Business  , and it's going to be amazing.

Here's the deal with it: TCoDB (it's a long name to type you guys, and it's like, right up there. You know what I'm talking about by now) is two things, it's a show that will end up on the Yukon Arts Centre stage, as well as a stage to be determined in Dawson City. It's also a recording project. We have partnered with our good friends at You've Changed Records, and decided to bring up 5 artists working with our label, and 4 from theirs PLUS one visual artist to make an album. Together. Each act will either write a new song for the album, or do a cover of a choice track. The other artists will help out and play on each others songs. This is why your parents tried to teach you about getting along with people. We will then commit this album to both wax vinyl and digital mediums and make it available to you, the general music listening public!

So who are these artists you ask? Well, here's the thing. I'm not going to give you all the names right now. Why? It's called anticipation, and it's awesome. In the age of looking everything up on the internet, there's something about having to actually wait to find something out. It's also virtually unsearchable, because almost no one knows who all 9 artists plus the one visual artist are! The perfect crime! 

 Alright, I'll give you guys some clues, via the pictures below. NOTE, see that picture of Wax Mannequin? That may or may not mean we'll be doing something with Wax this year. Maybe.  

Where does one get tickets to such a monumental occasion you might ask? Go to the event page here: names to come! 

More names and news to follow!

The Burning Hell!  

 Baby Eagle!

Wax Mannequin! 

  Shotgun Jimmie! 

Shotgun Jimmie!