Moonwalker and beyond

It's been awhile since we last spoke. So much has happened! We have all these new records to talk about, if only we could tell you about them all. Ohhhh if these walls could talk.

Alright, we'll tell you about two of them. Now, you already know that we have not one but TWO albums by The Burning Hell, an EP and a Full Length LP.  This is widely regarded as being factually correct. We would never lie to you like that.

But that's old hat. We have all new catalogue numbers to talk about! HOR003 is the number of the latest record out of Headless Owl territory, and it's a goddamn gem, if we do say so ourselves.

The album - Moonwalker by TARIQ.  

You may know Tariq as the guitar player from Vancouver based band 'Brasstronaut' , but let me tell you, he's an amazing singer/songwriter in his own right. In fact, the track "Moonwalker" appeared originally on the last Brasstronaut record, written by Tariq and performed on the EP in a more stripped down affair. It's a beautiful 5 song EP and a great introduction to Tariq's songwriting craftsmanship.



But what else do we have you ask? There was talk of two records after all.


Alright, fair is fair. HOR004, the second release we're talking about is DARK LARK, by Construction & Destruction!  

 Colleen Collins and David Trenaman met in London, Ontario, Canada in about 1994. And Construction & Destruction started in about 2005, or so. Dark Lark is the fifth album they’ve put together together. They did so in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, where they’ve lived since 2003 in an old house by the sea. They record, themselves and others, in the Quarantine: their living room studio.

 Introduced by the brooding “Sick Again,” Construction & Destruction’s Dark Lark offers ten songs that range in topic from rural isolation to the fall of Troy.


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