We here at Headless Owl Records are very, very pleased to present to you the first music video from the upcoming Burning Hell album "People", available for Pre-Order NOW from us in the store.

Holidaymakers was shot in Whitehorse, Yukon in mid-February. Which sounds a lot colder than it actually was. A lot of excellent things happen while shooting this thing. I learned that Mathias sleeps like a Nosferatu, I'm officially now terrified of my 6 year old niece, and we all got to throw things at Mathias and Ariel. So all in all a pretty successful day.

The video itself was directed and filmed by Gary Bremner Creative ( They've done a lot of our photography work for us as well, and let me tell you: the work they do is always incredible.

Don't forget, Pre-orders for 'People' are going on now in the store, just follow the link at the top to the 'Shoppe'!