This is it. Today is the day.

HOR001. That stands for Headless Owl Records 001. It's what you'll find scratched onto the first ever release from us at Headless Owl Records. Or HOR. Or whatever, come up with your own nickname if you want. Tweet it to us! Best new nickname gets you a new nickname from us. I realize that's very confusing, but so is life sometimes. 

But I digress. Today is the release day of HOR001, otherwise known as Old,New,Borrowed, Blue, by The Burning Hell. As you can see by the photographic evidence above, it's on a wonderful looking piece of blue vinyl. It has touches of white in it. Like all the best cheeses, it's marbled. It's also available on some digital retailers, the iTunes' of the world. More to the point, it's up at If you don't know Zunior, be prepared to find out about them. The best online digital store for Canadian music, bar none. 

While we're on the subject of the The Burning Hell, this EP is a precursor to the next big thing, HOR002, which is a FULL LENGTH, Long Playing record by The Burning Hell, that will be called People, and will be released by us, HOR, on April 16, 2013. There will also be a Burning Hell tour, that you can read all about at

See below for an EXCLUSIVE track from the EP. And then buy you and your family, and your families family a copy of HOR001.

Thanks for supporting us in all that we do, we promise to always bring you music that you'll love.