EONS - Arctic Radio

As you may recall, very recently we were heavily involved in a project called ’The Cost of Doing Business’. You can read about it all over this glorious website (glorious website recently changed, follow this link to check it out). 

But amidst the hustle and the bustle, something else happened while we were working. That something is the arrival, at long last, of the physical form of Arctic Radio by EONS!

We waited a while for this one, and believe me brothers and sisters, it’s worth the wait. Eons, for the uninitiated, is the solo project of Matt Cully, of Toronto based band Bruce Peninsula. Eons also features Misha Bower, also of B.P fame, on additional vocals. 

 The record itself comes on beautiful 180 gram virgin black vinyl. Wrapped in a beautiful jacket that you can see below. See that glint, that shimmer? That’s some custom foil stamping on the cover. It’s an amazing package wrapping an album that contains some absolutely beautiful music. Need proof? Take a listen:

There. Better? Of course you are. Now, for the full thing, head on over to the Headless Owl Store and pick yourself up a copy. Each purchase comes with an IMMEDIATE digital download(somewhat immediate. Sometimes the email takes a few minutes. Look, we’re not perfect, we put our pants on one leg at a time, just like you).