From the mouth of the headless owl.

Coming Soon, Headless Owl Records!

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to Headless Owl Records. What you've found here is the premiere record label operating out of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It also happens to be the ONLY record label in Whitehorse. So as of right now, we are killing it.

Please check in with us. Headless Owl isn't just a record label. We're also a Blog, a place to meet and argue about videos embedded from YouTube, and a slightly more complicated place to read our twitter feed. We plan to keep you posted on all the things we find interesting in the world around us. Music, comedy, photography. These are just a few generic things you'll see every few days or so. Cats pretending they're people? Who do you think is typing this?

In the coming months and years, you'll see all kinds of releases from us here at Headless Owl. All unique, limited physical copies with original artwork and pressed on the finest vinyl. We're very excited about this, it's very much a passion project. So please, stick with us, you'll like what you see.

-Headless Owl