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Don't Wait Up, by Michael Feuerstack. Performed live during The Cost of Doing Business concert in Whitehorse, on stage at the Yukon Arts Centre in October of 2013. This song is the epic closing track of 'Singer Songer', the new album by Feuerstack, featuring vocals on album by Little Scream. Available for purchase HERE

The first video released for 'PEOPLE' by The Burning Hell (available for sale here!) Directed and filmed by our great friends over at GBPCreative (check out their amazing work at their website, www.gbpcreative.ca). Filmed on location in Whitehorse, Yukon in February. 

The very first Headless Owl project, that coincidentally features one of the founding fathers of HOR, Kyle Cashen.  This video was shot, directed and produced by our good pals over at GBPcreative, with audio capture by Jordy Walker. This track is off an upcoming album by Cashen, to be released in the near future by Headless Owl!

A few years back, this great nation of ours was all swept up in Armageddon Fever! Well, we decided to capitalize on such a festive spirit, and covered perhaps the greatest song ever about people falling in love and Bruce Willis not living through the whole movie (spoiler alert).